Welcome to our online vinyl-record store.'museum' is located in Tokyo,Japan.
We're running this business for over 10years, and proud of offering lots of customers quarity rare vintage vinyls in excellent condition.
Foreign customers are always welcome.
We gladly accept orders from all around the globe.

We accept only Paypal Payments for international orders.

Please make your order by email.
contact* (please change *to@).
We'll reply to you as soon as possible with invoice and paypal link.
If you would like to know details about cover and/or record conditions, please feel free to inquire us.

We need shipping cost for dispatching items. Please choose your shipping option; EMS or EconomyAir(SAL).
We pack records with rigid cardboard box and cusioning. Hence, it'll weigh about 500grams for sending 1LP.
We'll inform you the total weight before your payment

EMS shipping has loss and damage insurance system,and tracking number, too.
Normally it takes within 5days to arrive.

ZoneFirst ZoneSecond ZoneThird Zone
WeightAsiaOceania, North America, Central America and the Middle EastEuropeSouth America and Africa
Up to 300g900yen1,200yen1,500yen1,700yen
Up to 500g1,100yen1,500yen1,800yen2,100yen
Up to 600g1,240yen1,680yen2,000yen2,440yen
Up to 700g1,380yen1,860yen2,200yen2,780yen
Up to 800g1,520yen2,040yen2,400yen3,120yen
Up to 900g1,660yen2,220yen2,600yen3,460yen
Up to 1.0kg1,800yen2,400yen2,800yen3,800yen
Up to 1.25kg2,100yen2,800yen3,250yen4,600yen
Up to 1.5kg2,400yen3,200yen3,700yen5,400yen
Up to 1.75kg2,700yen3,600yen4,150yen6,200yen
Up to 2.0kg3,000yen4,000yen4,600yen7,000yen

Economy Air(SAL) shipping is a service where international mail is handled as surface mail in both Japan and the destination country and as airmail between the two countries. The service is faster than surface mail while the cost is lower than airmail.
It takes about 6-14days to arrive.

ZoneFirst ZoneSecond ZoneThird Zone
WeightAsia, Guam, Marshall Is., Midway and othersEurope, Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle EastSouth America and Africa
Up to 100g160yen180yen200yen
Up to 200g240yen280yen320yen
Up to 300g320yen380yen440yen
Up to 400g400yen480yen560yen
Up to 500g480yen580yen660yen
Up to 600g560yen680yen800yen
Up to 700g640yen780yen920yen
Up to 800g720yen880yen1,040yen
Up to 900g800yen980yen1,160yen
Up to 1.0kg880yen1,080yen1,280yen
Up to 1.1kg960yen1,180yen1,400yen
Up to 1.2kg1,040yen1,280yen1,520yen
Up to 1.3kg1,120yen1,380yen1,640yen
Up to 1.4kg1,200yen1,480yen1,760yen
Up to 1.5kg1,280yen1,580yen1,880yen
Up to 1.6kg1,360yen1,680yen2,000yen
Up to 1.7kg1,440yen1,780yen2,120yen
Up to 1.8kg1,520yen1,880yen2,240yen
Up to 1.9kg1,600yen1,980yen2,360yen
Up to 2.0kg1,680yen2,080yen2,480yen

Return Policy : We basically do not accept any claims and cancellations on merchandises due to the nature of the merchandises. Please be sure to confirm conditions, prices and/or your order forms and place your orders.